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Introducing Sponsor-A-Child Campaign

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

What a crazy year! October has arrived but we are still dealing with the Covid-19 virus pandemic which was first reported in humans at the end of 2019 in Wuhan, China, just to spread globally by March 2020! And yes, we are still dealing with various lock-down measures implemented by our own government and by governments around the world to combat the spread.

Understandably, countries implemented different and varied measures, but regulations followed the general trend of minimizing the physical proximity and movement of people. Whilst helping to curb the spread of Covid-19, these regulations inevitably had major ramifications for The Surfer Kids of Mossel Bay.

Our Core Surf Program had to be suspended, for the same reason that schools were closed. But in response to the temporary closure of our Core Surf Programme, we revamped our feeding scheme.

This initiative received wonderful support and sparked the idea of our "Sponsor-A-Child" campaign. This campaign aims to secure sponsorships for or donations towards individual children. A newsletter will keep sponsors informed about the performance and progress of the children that they support.

Since the closure of our Volunteer Programme - (also as a result of the strict Covid-19 regulations) – the entire organizational budget of The Surfer Kids is 100% dedicated to the Core Surf Program. That means that all costs are strictly related ONLY to the care, development and training of the children in our program.

Currently, it costs just under R500/month, per child, (27 EURO / 30 USD) to operate our entire programme. This is quite remarkable, considering that, under normal circumstances:

  • Our programme operates 5 days a week, 20 days a month, 235 days a year.

  • We employ two full-time coaches who train and supervise the children and liaise with parents and teachers.

  • We maintain beach-front premises dedicated entirely to the Core Surf Program.

  • We offer the children advanced level surf-training.

  • We offer homework support and educational enrichment.

  • We daily feed the children nutritional meals.

  • We provide children with the opportunities (and necessary support) to participate in both regional and national events.

  • We assist the children with basic health-care support.

With the "Sponsor-a-Child" campaign, newsletters and regular updates about the individual children will be written by the coaches and sent to sponsors. These coaches, who work every day with the children, will focus on each kid’s individual needs, perspectives, challenges, and their progress within our programme and beyond it.

Which means that, even while we are in Covid-19 Core Surf Program Protocol, your donation is directly used to support the children daily!

Please consider donating towards or supporting our "Sponsor-a-Child" campaign by visiting us at:

Thank you for your loyal support!!!

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