Core Surf Program


THE SURFER KIDS CORE SURF PROGRAM offers free surf lessons to marginalized children from the poorest communities in Mossel Bay.

The Core Surfing Program is based at Diaz Beach and is active every day from Tuesday to Saturday, all year round, only closing for a brief period over Christmas and new Year in order to give our Surf Instructors a much needed break.

The Core Surf Program employs one part-time and two full-time Surf Instructors, two of whom come from the same townships as the children recruited into the program.

Boys under 8 and girls under 10 are recruited into the program with the help of a full-time community coordinator, in cooperation with TM Ndanda Primary School, located amidst the townships of Isazane, Isinyonka and Fairview, known collectively as JCC, JC Camp or Joe Slovo Village.

According to statistics from the 2011 Census (which can be viewed here and here) the poorest of these areas are comprised of less than 25% formal dwellings. Less than 2% of people over the age of 20 have any higher education, less than 5% of households have access to piped water and less than 30% of households have flush toilets inside.

We encourage all the children who join our program to return as often as possible, provided that they show dedication and commitment toward learning to surf. Our long term goal is to foster empowerment amongst these youths and we believe that the best way of doing that is by teaching commitment and dedication.

To be empowered is to create a life of opportunity and success despite one’s circumstances. In order to achieve empowerment commitment and dedication is essential. With commitment and dedication any person can rise above their circumstance and create opportunities.

Surfing is inherently difficult to learn. To learn surfing a whole range of progressively more difficult skills are required and as such it requires true commitment and dedication. No child will learn to surf without also having learnt commitment and dedication. Learning to surf at a very young age is comparable to studying for a degree later in life: It will not happen by itself and it will not happen overnight. Most likely not even within a year. Like earning a degree, learning to surf requires several years of commitment and dedication.


The Surfer Kids teach this powerful understanding early in life: No matter who you are, through sustained commitment and dedication comes success.

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