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Clicking "Donate" will redirect you to PayPal where you can make a donation using your credit card and / or PayPal account.


Depending on your country of residence you might not need a PayPal account and could donate using only your credit card.


Please consider making a recurring donation by selecting the option "Make this a monthly donation" after being redirected to PayPal. You may need to have a PayPal account to enable recurring donations.

Alternatively, you can also donate using your credit card through local South African payment processor YOCO by clicking on the YOCO icon below.  


We also accept donations in Bitcoin through our subsidiary project, Bitcoin Ekasi. To learn more about that project go here.

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To donate Bitcoin visit the Bitcoin Ekasi donation page:

To learn more about Bitcoin, go here.


EFT Donations. You can also donate by making a deposit into the following bank account:



Since the closure of our volunteer program (and the necessary shift away from a volunteer based funding model to a donation based funding model) we introduced the idea of "sponsoring a child".

How it works is simple:

The cost of running our Core Surf Program comes to R500 (approx 30 USD / 27 EURO) per child, per month. By donating at least R500 per month, sponsors enable the ongoing participation of at least one child in our Core Surf Program.

In return for their ongoing support, our Sponsor-a-Child supporters receive a specially curated newsletter every three to four weeks, written by the coaches with a focus on the individual children, their perspectives, their challenges, and their progress within our program and beyond it.

Supporters who donate materials or supplies of an equivalent value, on a monthly basis, will also be added to the mailing list.

PayPal makes it very easy to set up a monthly recurring donation and qualify for our Sponsor-a-Child newsletter. Simply click "donate" below, enter an amount equal to $30 dollars or more, and select the option "make this a recurring payment". When making the payment be sure to provide us with your first name, last name and the email address where you would like to receive the newsletter.

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Donors & Partners

The businesses and organizations below deserve a special mention. Their ongoing support ensures the continued growth and development of The Surfer Kids.

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