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New Surf Centre at Diaz Beach

The Surfer Kids secured new premises adjacent to the main parking area at Diaz Beach, Mossel Bay's primary surfing beach! Along with the employment of our first permanent Surf Coach this development represents the biggest step forward for The Surfer Kids since being founded in 2010.

The new premises will enable us to accommodate more children on a far more regular basis, and it is the main reason we've been able to extend our Core Surf Program to operate every day of the week, Monday to Saturday. Without these premises such an undertaking would not have been possible as transporting equipment to and from the beach would have made daily surf sessions very difficult and expensive.

The Surfer Kids new Surf Centre at Diaz Beach will also house a media centre, which will be used to screen education films and host workshops whenever conditions are not favourable for surfing.

Our new premises also expands upon our Volunteer Program, as volunteers now have a dedicated space from where to work and contribute to The Surfer Kids. With the help of volunteers we plan on implementing a feeding program, for example, which will cater to the most needy children partaking in our Core Surf Program. This also would not have been possible without such premises.

It was also with the help of volunteers that we decorated our new centre upon first moving in. Zigzag, South Africa's Core Surf Magazine, supplied us with magazines and our volunteers proceeded to make surfing wallpaper ! The results look fantastic !!!

We will also initiate a board repair program based here, using the space to become self sustainable in terms of board repairs, a program which we hope will also create extra employment opportunities for future coordinators in our most marginalised communities.

All in all, it's a huge step forward and it represents a massive opportunity for The Surfer Kids to continue developing, growing and expanding our operations into as many marginalised communities around Mossel Bay as possible.

We're excited to officially announce our new surf centre at Diaz Beach and we look forward to seeing the results of this massive new investment.

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