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It is for lifesavers to rescue swimmers from drowning, as well as it is much more important to create a safe space for beach lovers. With 12 years of development, The Surfer Kids Non-Profit Organisation found a necessity to employ full-time lifesavers at Diaz beach. Mosselbay swimmers and visitors can now be comfortable with lifesavers' assistance throughout the year. This could not be possible without the launch of the Bitcoin Ekasi subsidiary program. Bitcoin Ekasi serves as a JCC Camp platform that Herman Vivier co-founded in 2020.

Bitcoin Ekasi and The Surfer Kids NPO program run constructively for 5 days from Tuesday to Saturday. Bitcoin eKasi was inspired by Bitcoin Beach founder, Micheal Pietersen from El Salvador, El Zonte. Similar to what Bitcoin Beach is doing in El Salvador, the aim is to utilize the 2 mentioned established programs, by increasing safety on the beach while creating job opportunities.

Normally, lifesavers are employed by municipalities only during peak times on contract terms. Yet beach lovers and swimmers would visit beach sites regardless of the lifesavers` absence. Consequently, that would lead to high accident risks and possible injuries that could simply be prevented.

Previously, there would be unfortunate incidents when Surf Coaches had to provide urgent lifesavers' duty. Emergencies were performed and swimmers were successfully saved from Diaz beach's dangerous currents. To prevent these unforeseen circumstances, full-time lifesavers who live in the JCC Camp are then employed for safety's sake. Slulami Dlayedwa and Akhona Mabutho work from Monday to Sunday alternatively. They are both happy to earn salaries in Bitcoin.

Slulami is the 1st to work for The Surfer Kids Organisation. He started with lifesaving training and qualified in 2010. He was one of the team members in the SA Nationals Competition of lifesaving (Southern Cross Lifesaving Club). The courageous Slulami (also called Slu by his fellows) has the ability to swim with a sense of responsibility. He always keeps safety in mind when on duty. He always shares his own experiences with the Junior Surf Coaches at work.

Akhona qualified as a lifesaver in 2007. Among the various skills he learned, his practical skills are best shown when swimming and can withstand extremely high strong moving currents. He works as an instructor at The Surfer Kids Organization, co-ordinating and scheduling surfing lessons for different age groups starting from ages 6-17 years. With 16 years of experience, he shows dedication to his work, bringing forth values and passion for keeping swimmers safe at all times. Adept at maintaining a happy and safe swimming environment for visitors, Akhona is vigilant. Professionally, he has a true understanding of the importance and sensitive nature of his job.

Slulami and Akhona are great assets to Bitcoin Ekasi and The Surfer Kids' surf programs. They make up a happy, safe and healthy team with Junior Surf Coaches.

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