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Nashua supports Marchall at SA Champs

Marchall Nortje (18) lives in Friemersheim outside Mossel Bay, and after qualifying for the 2016 South African Longboard Surfing Champs, Nashua George sponsored him with his own Longboard to compete with.

In 2010 Marchall (then 12) joined The Surfer Kids as they launched their first Surf Development Program, operating out of Friemersheim.

He progressed steadily over the years until, in 2015, he earned his provincial colours for the first time and represented the Southern Cape Team at the South African Longboard Surfing Champs, held in Cape St. Francis.

Marchall surfing his new longboard at Diaz Beach, Mossel Bay

In 2016, together with 200 other surfers from Southern Cape, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, Marchall again participated in the South African Longboard Surfing Champs held in Mossel Bay in April.

Marchall did not however have his own longboard (a 9ft+ surfboard) to compete with.

With the indispensable help of Brian Salter (Southern Cape Chairman) a sponsor was sought out to purchase a longboard for Marchall.

Nashua George, a leader in office automation and managed document services, stepped up and provided the necessary funds with which to buy a longboard for Marchall.

Above: Nashua George Managing Director Peter Rooyakkers and Marchall Nortje

In so doing Nashua helped Marchall along his incredible journey of personal empowerment and development.

Marchall is fulfilling his dream and he is also "giving back", by helping The Surfer Kids teach other youngsters from his community, and by patrolling the beaches around Groot Brak Rivier during holiday times as part of the local team of qualified lifeguards.

He's made his family incredibly proud and he's become a true role model for younger children in his community.

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