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FIRST Sea Harvest SA Junior Champs Representation


Mpho Ngaleka became the first recruit from The Surfer Kids' Core Surf Program to qualify for participation at the Sea Harvest South African Junior Surf Championship when he was selected to represent Eden Surf Riders Association in the under 16 division.


The Sea Harvest South African Junior Surfing Championships is South Africa's most prestigious junior surfing event and all the country's best surfers compete in u12, u14, u16 and u18 boys' and girls' divisions.

Teams representing eight surfing districts, across in three provinces, plus an Academy Team, compete for the coveted Freedom Cup, which is awarded to the team accumulating the highest points across all divisions.


The 2019 edition of the event was held from 24 - 28 September 2019 at the Lower Point in Jeffrey's Bay, one of South Africa's most consistent and high quality point breaks.



Despite the fact that Mpho did not progress very far in the competition (he was knocked out in round 2) his participation at the event never the less represents a major milestone for The Surfer Kids NPO.

Also considering the fact that Mpho has another three years to compete at the Sea Harvest SA Junior Champs (in the u16 and u18 divisions) the experience he gained this year serves as a good foundation from which to continue building.

No doubt he will return in 2020, stronger, better prepared, and hungry to progress further.



A full report of the event can be found here:

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